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Fee Structure
 Fee Structure

A Service Agreement is issued for each full-time placement or contract assignment that outlines the range of pay and anticipated start date or length of assignment.

Contract and On-Site Staffing Assignments

Our fee is 15% of the candidate's total project compensation.

There are several ways you can choose to pay the selected candidate:

1)   Place the individual on your payroll as a temporary employee.
2) Have Albany Services, the employee leasing company that The MeetingConnection® uses, act as the employer of record.
         Albany Services becomes the individual's employer of record and maintains the required worker's compensation and
         unemployment insurance. This process adds another 22% to the fee stated above.
Treat the individual as an independent contractor. You have two choices with this approach: 1) pay the individual directly
         for their work as well as The MeetingConnection® for their related fee, or 2) pay The MeetingConnection® for the work
         completed along with our fee and will then we take responsibility for paying the candidate.
This option is recommended
         only if the project does not require the candidate to work in-house on a consistent basis or the assignment is exclusively
         for on-site staffing.

Full-Time Positions

Our fee is based on a percentage of the selected candidate's first year's annual salary:


Full-Time Salary Range  
Placement Fee*
Up to $30,000
$31,000 - $45,000
$46,000 - $60,000
$61,000 - $75,000
$76,000 and over

If the same candidate from a contract assignment is offered a full-time position, The MeetingConnection® applies a credit for the fees paid during the first year of the contract assignment. You never pay double fees.

*Fees in effect as of 12/09 and are subject to change

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