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Welcome to The MeetingConnection®'s website. We provide career coaching and resume design services for individuals from entry level to experienced meeting and event professionals. For entry-level planners, our career coaching services will help you identify how to apply your prior work or college experience and translate those into job opportunities that will help you achieve your career path. For experienced meeting professionals, our career coaching services help you to clarify how to synthesize your personal and career goals and objectives so you can determine the steps to take so you can achieve your desired of level of success. We also work with clients on creating a career strategy, developing a targeted job search plan, as well as enhancing interviewing skills. The Resume Design Service section of the site provides details about the assistance we provide job seekers with creating and/or updating their resume. 

For more information, contact us at:
The MeetingConnection®
3705 Hillcrest Ln.
Sacramento, CA 95821
ph:  415-497-0228
fax: 415-892-0523
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